President Shelby Richardson
Vice President Joe Hunter
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Treasurer Ginny Nyhus
cheif Judge Tiny HJeindel
International Representative Larry Heindel
Iowa Representative Dave Kruse
Roger Knapp
Minnesota Representative Bill Gallagher
Wisconsin Representative Herb Warren
International Delegate Dick Richardson
United States Tug-of-war Executive Board Members

President: Shelby Richardson

Hometown: Oregon, WI
Shelby started the Oregon women's team in 1977. She has competed in every National Championship since 1980. She has represented the US on the National Team in eight World Championships or World Games. She won bronze medals in the 1990 and 2002 World Championships, 1993 and 2001 World Games. She also won medals at the club level at two additional World Championships. She is still competing. Shelby was elected to the 2nd Vice-Presidency in 1992. In 1994 she was elected Secretary and was re-elected in 96, 98 and 2000. Presently serving third term as President.

Term expires: 2017

Vice President: Joe Hunter 

Hometown: Monroe, WI

Term expires: 2016

Secretary: Lisa Heindel

Hometown:  Monroe, WI

Term expires: 2017

Treasurer: Ginny Nyhus

Home town: Prior Lake, Minnesota
Ginny Started pulling with DJ’s Tug of War in 2007 and has won several national titles with DJ’s Ladies over the course of the last 8 years.  Ginny has participated in 3 outdoor World Championships, recently as a member of DJ’s Women who won bronze in the club competition and as a member of Team USA, taking 4th at the 2014 World Championships in Madison.   Ginny is currently serving as the Vice President of DJ’s Tug of War.   

Term expires: 2017

Cheif Judge: Harold "Tiny" Heindel

Hometown: Gratiot, WI
Tiny first competed in tug of war in 1968. Tiny competed for 28 years. Tiny's first office was that of 1st Vice President in 1987. In 1988 he was elected Chief Judge and has held that position since. Tiny was certified as an international judge in 1988 and has judged in every World Championship since that time. He also has judged at the 1989 World Games in Germany and in three World Police and Fire Games. Tiny is still actively judging in the USA and at World events.

Term expires: 2016

International Representative: Larry Heindel

Hometown: Monroe, WI
Larry began competing in 1974. He represented the U.S. national team at the 1985 World Games in England. Larry was elected to the post of International Representative in 1991 and was re-elected in '93, '95' '97, '99 and '01. He became and international judge in 1988. He has judged in in two World Championships, 1992 in Ireland and 1998 in Rochester, MN. He has also served as the head official
for three World Police and Fire Games.

Term expires: 2015

Iowa Representative: Dave Kruse

Hometown: Greeley, IA

Illinois Representative: Roger Knapp

Hometown:  Port Byron IL

Minnesota Representative: Bill Gallagher

Hometown: Lakeville, MN

Wisconsin State Representative: Herb Warren

Hometown: Dane, WI
Herb started when Club Sunset was a new team 1980 or 81 then went to Lodi which became DGM, followed by Mt Vernon to date. There were a few years of International Judging,and coaching Dane when he had knee issues mixed in the Mt. Vernon years. He also promoted Tug-of War all over the country with Bob Pulfer putting on demonstrations,etc. He's made a lot of friends and had plenty of good times and titles along the way. Why? Because he enjoys the challenge, promoting the Sport of Tug-of-War, and meeting new people.

International Delegate: Dick Richardson

Hometown: Oregon, WI
Dick competed in tug of war from 1970-1980 with the multiple teams including Oregon. He coached the Oregon mens and womens teams from 1977-1998. He won bronze medals coaching the U.S. women at the 1990 World Championshisps and the 1993 World Games. Also the outdoor club 2004. Dick was first elected as the International Delegate in 1992