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Annual TWIF Congress
The minutes,  Compeition format & programme seminar minutes, European Championships Fraud event, Report on Sport Accord Convention and the 2018-19 Budget, from the Annual TWIF Congress that recently took place in Cork Ireland on the 28th of April 2018.

World Anti - Doping Agency

World Anti - Doping Agency has provided their new list for 2018.  WADA prohibited-list  All athletes planning on competing in World competition please review and take necessary steps to insure your compliance. If you have questions, please ask.

Boot Tagging

For the first time TWIF placed tags on the boots of the pullers, once the boots are deemed acceptable for international competition. This method of boot inspection was passed by the 2017 TWIF Congress.

The specifications for outdoor boots have been updated and a drawing was included.

National Board News

National Board meeting January 14th 2017 minutes
National Board meeting November 5th 2016 minutes